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About Evolve Raybotix

 About Us 

Evolve Raybotix provides innovative solutions to making spaces safe.  We are licenced to distribute UV-C and Ozone disinfection robots designed by Italian Engineers Autognity who are renowned for their technology and AI partnerships with Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari.  Our robots use UV-C light supported by Ozone gas for a maximum cleanse – not only disinfecting surfaces, but also sanitising hard to reach darkened areas and the circulating air.  The possibilities this presents to sectors such as Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Education and Hospitality are tenfold – from minimising downtime of income generating space to low cost sanitisation solutions guaranteed to efficiently destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. 


We are in the business of making spaces safe for you to work in, visit and enjoy. 

Our Mission


Evolve Raybotix provides an innovative solution to making spaces safe for all in an efficient, environmentally friendly way.  


We aim to maximise public confidence when working, travelling and enjoying indoor spaces through the robust and reassuring disinfection processes of our devices.


Our Team

We’d  like to introduce you to members of the Evolve Raybotix management and development team:

Amin Farah

Co-founder & Director


Amin Farah is one of the founding Directors at Evolve Raybotix and brings strategic direction, strong leadership and unending enthusiasm. Amin has extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical market and a profound understanding of global business challenges. 


He came across the opportunity to distribute UV-C Disinfection Robots in the summer of 2020 when one of his suppliers for an existing business launched these innovative machines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Amin believes in delivering the very highest ethical and business standards in all aspects of business and believes the range of Raybotix robots brings hope in restoring public confidence through safe space management in all sectors. 

Humbert Mozzi

Co-founder & Director


Lawyer, Humbert Mozzi is also one of the founding Directors of Evolve Raybotix, bringing significant professional business start up experience, strategic direction and insight into the legalities associated with enterprise.  


Humbert has a successful consultancy company working for entrepreneurs, businesses and public listed companies. Humbert has an international client base on four continents and advises UNIDO, an  affiliate organisation to the United Nations.  


Humbert is instrumental in expanding the Raybotix brand and eRAYS franchise using his extensive business development expertise and professional network. 

Laura Thomas

Executive Coordinator


Laura Thomas is the Executive Coordinator for Evolve Raybotix and Personal Assistant to the Directors.  Laura has worked with the founding directors in starting, developing and expanding their enterprises for the last 5 years and is a key connector in the Evolve Raybotix team. 


Laura is responsible for coordinating all stakeholders, scheduling and hosting meetings and tracking the progress of all business strategies including marketing, quality and finance. 

Andy Thomas

Finance Director


Andy Thomas is the Finance Director for Evolve Raybotix.  Working closely with the founding Directors, Andy supports the development and implementation of strategic plans to grow the business. 

Jeremy Busuttil

Product Support Manager


Jeremy Busuttil is the Product Support Manager for Evolve Raybotix and plays a critical role in technical support, training, troubleshooting, sales support, analytical & equipment performance studies and any quality related issues.   

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