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Evolve Raybotix Eos

Static UV-C and Ozone disinfection robot


The Evolve Raybotix Eos is a static UV-C disinfection robot which uses room mapping technology to deliver a fast and effective germicidal dose of continuous wave UV-C light.

In terms of coverage, the Evolve Raybotix Eos UV-C disinfection robot can sanitise an area of 80m2 in as little as eight minutes.

Backed up by smart Ozone deployment – to ensure shadowed and hard to reach areas are sanitised  – you can depend on our Eos UV-C disinfection robot to destroy destroy 99.9% of germs and pathogens efficiently.

Restaurants, concert halls and other entertainment venues, offices, hotel rooms and reception areas, plus the airline, rail and shipping industries all utilise our Eos disinfection robot for ultimate disinfection and peace of mind for both employees and clients

Make your workplace safe for just £33 per week. 

Evolve Raybotix Eos : Dimensions 

Our Eos UV-C disinfection robot is mobile, making it easy to manoeuvre and action schedules in large areas.

Size :

1300 x 400 x 400 mm


Weight : 

75 kg

Designed to wheel in and out of rooms with ease

Evolve Raybotix Eos : Dual technology of UV-C and Ozone disinfection

Combining UV-C light technology and Ozone diffusion, our robots have a greater ability to provide a thorough disinfection operation.

Dual technology :

Ozone and UV-C technology

Destroys 99.9% of germs and pathogens

Ozone advantages :

Ozone diffusion

Ozone diffusion successfully disinfects those hard to access and often overlooked shadow areas.

Bulbs :

15 x 843 mm / 4 bulbs : 41W each

Diameter x length

Bulb quantity and power

UV emission :

150 μW/cm2 - 16W

UV light bulbs generate UV-C radiation at a wavelength of 254nm to eliminate pathogens directly.


Evolve Raybotix Eos : Power and connectivity 

With the ability to operate continually and remotely, our robots ensure a consistent and efficient disinfection schedule with minimum human intervention and zero downtime. 


Power requirements :

AC 220 V, 50Hz, 17 A max.

Required for battery recharge


WiFi & 4G / 5G

Integrated WiFi and 4G/5G connectivity

Disinfection modes :

Remote controlled

Manual operation

Evolve Raybotix Eos : Sensor hardware & software

Our disinfection robots have built-in cameras and sensors to ensure safe and thorough operation.

Scanning & sensors

3D scanning & LiDAR sensors

Using 3D scanning, a 360-degree LiDAR sensor calculates the precise dose of UV-C radiation required, and the disinfection time needed, to ensure a consistent and thorough disinfection within the cleaning space.

Motion Detect :

Automatic Detection System

An inbuilt motion-sensing Automatic Detection System provides automatic shut down if movement is detected.


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