How our robots work

Destroys 99.9% of germs and pathogens

Most germs and pathogens are naturally killed by sunlight. By deploying a similar powerful UV-C light wave across surfaces and air, our UV-C Ozone disinfection robots destroy 99.9% of germs and pathogens in all environments and across all surfaces.

Unique Ozone features for extra coverage

Unlike other UV-C disinfection machines, Evolve Raybotix’s robots feature unique Ozone support which is able to disinfect any areas that the UV-C light ray may have missed, such as in shadowed areas, or areas that are otherwise hidden or difficult for the robot’s UV-C light ray to reach.

Tailored programming and reports

At the end of each disinfection cycle Evolve Raybotix disinfection robots automatically generate a full, tailorable cleaning and disinfection report.


UV-C light disinfection explained

Ultra-Violet light exists in three spectrums: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-C light exists within the range of 100-280nm and at 254nm it is proven to destroy germs in the air, on surfaces and even in water, by breaking down the DNA within these disease-causing pathogens.

Kind to the environment

UV-C disinfection is a chemical-free process and requires no transportation, storage or handling of toxic or corrosive chemicals.

Non-carcinogenic by-products

UV-C treatment creates no carcinogenic disinfection by-products that could adversely affect food quality.

Helps reduce unwelcome odours

UV-C light is also effective at breaking down toxic chemical contaminants.

Minimum operating costs

The only operating cost of UV-C disinfection, besides electricity, is the cost of annual lamp replacement.

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Ozone disinfection explained

Ozone is formed when oxygen (O₂) molecules collide with oxygen atoms to produce ozone (O₃). Like UV-C light, Ozone is also a powerful destroyer of microorganism bacterial and viral DNA.


Ozone is produced by our Evolve Raybotix robots using oxygen from the surrounding air: a resource that is readily abundant, free of charge and requires no transportation, handling or storage. When deployed effectively Ozone can disinfect large volumes of air within the cleaning space.

Ozone enhances the cleaning and disinfecting efficiency of our Evolve Raybotix robots by reducing cleaning time whilst increasing each robot’s overall disinfection performance.


Once the cleaning cycle is complete the Evolve Raybotix robot emits further rays of UV light – albeit with a different wavelength – to break down the Ozone (O₃) molecules. Once completed, only safe (O₂) oxygen molecules remain, meaning the environment is ready for the safe return of personnel and public.

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Our Robots

We offer a variety of disinfection robots to provide unique solutions to your cleaning needs. From small, portable robots, for effective disinfection within vehicles and smaller spaces, to mobile robots specifically designed for larger environments, where a routine cleaning is required on a significant scale.


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