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 Help prevent and reduce the spread of infections and viruses in with 

automated Evolve Raybotix disinfection.


Automated UV-C Robots – Perfect Solution for Deep Sanitisation of Your Pharmacy

The changes we have all made to the way we live, work and socialise over the last year have been dramatic.  We’ve been shopping online, quizzing with friends via Zoom and using Microsoft Teams to meet colleagues in attempt to operate ‘business as usual’.  For many, having the opportunity to work from home has given them a sense of reassurance and protection – feeling safe in one’s space and minimising contact with anyone as per government guidance.

For many, however, there is no option to work from home and they put their health on the line to keep us well served and safe every day.


Scheduling & tasking

Personalise your disinfection schedule and tasks with ease.

During non-working hours, the robots will automatically set to charge.

Disinfection in 10 - 15 minutes


Destroys 99.9% of germs & pathogens in all environments & across all surfaces.

As disinfection is chemical free, there's no need to wait for  disinfection agents to settle.


Autonomous or Manual Control

Remotely or manually operate the robots.

Task the robot manually or remotely to clean immediately, or schedule cleaning for a later time.

Notifications & cleaning reports


Receive notifications and reports before and after scheduled cleaning.

Keep an up to date disinfection record and monitor disinfection outcomes.


The Health Dispensary in Neath

One particular sector that has faced an overwhelming demand is healthcare, and in particular local pharmacies.  Throughout the pandemic they have delivered invaluable services – not only dispensing pharmaceuticals but guiding the general public who have sought an alternative advisory service to using their GP. 

The Health Dispensary in Neath has noticed an astounding increase in footfall in both of their town centre branches and has had to recruit additional resources to cope with the growth and demand.


Owner and Pharmacist Ali Sparkes said 'The ethos of the Health Dispensary is to offer a practical, friendly and welcoming service and we have worked hard to maintain high standards throughout the pandemic.  Not only is it paramount to minimise any risk to our customers – particularly those more vulnerable in the community – but safety of my staff is also a priority.'

Ali Sparkes has, like many businesses, implemented all traditional measures to minimise any spread of the virus i.e. masks and antibacterial gel; but she came across an advert on Facebook which led her to introduce a more innovative, effective and unusual way to disinfect her premises.

'I noticed Evolve Raybotix advertising a very exciting disinfection robot which uses UVC to sanitise surfaces and space.  We already have a number of robots at The Health Dispensary and, as a self confessed tech geek, I was very much drawn to one which could potentially do our cleaning for us in such a super efficient way.'

Ali purchased the NEO model which is the smallest robot in the portfolio but has the ability to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a space of approx. 25m2 in around 8-10 minutes.  The units have been classified as a Medical Device by the Ministry of Health in Italy where they are designed and manufactured.  They can be purchased from Evolve Raybotix which is based in the ILS, Swansea University who have the unique distribution rights to these innovative machines in the UK. 

Make your workplace safe for just £33 per week. 


UV-C Robots in the Health Dispensary

Director of Evolve Raybotix Amin Farah said ‘It was a delight to work with someone like Ali who has an overwhelming desire to keep her staff happy, healthy, confident and comfortable – particularly during such uncertain times.  Her primary focus was to make sure her team could work together in a safe environment and continue to serve their local community with a much needed, and valued service.’

Ali Sparkes owns two pharmacies in Neath and has always been interested in how technology supports an increase in efficiency of operations and patient convenience.  She already has two major robots in her Windsor Road Pharmacy – one which stores and dispenses drugs to the Pharmacist and one which allows for 24-hour prescription collections – the first located in an independent pharmacy in Wales. 


The Health Dispensary is a unique and very welcoming independent pharmacy offering an extensive range of natural remedies along with complementary health and wellness treatments.  Ali is a true believer in complementary therapies to prevent as well as cure and is an advocate of self-care.  It’s fair to say, Ali and The Health Dispensary is one (or two!) of a kind in the world of pharmacists/pharmacies.  She is now lighting the way as the first independent pharmacy in Wales using UVC technology to disinfect premises to maximise confidence of valued customers and increase safety for her splendid team.   


Evolve Raybotix Instilling Confidence in Your Customers

Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfection robots are available to purchase outright with full training provided to your teams.  Alternatively, our robots can be leased at cost of just £33 per week (that’s less than £5 per day). 

If minimising risk and instilling confidence in your staff, customers and suppliers is high on the agenda to reduce the spread of viruses in your pharmacy, then a Raybotix robot is the solution.

These deep, disinfection cleans can be achieved from just £35 a week (that's just £5 a day) in the safest and most efficient and effective way.

To book your first demonstration and FREE 30-minute disinfection, please call us on 01792 737618 or email  Alternatively, you can request a call back below and a member of our team with get back to you within 24 hours.


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