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Cadham Pharmacy In Glenrothes Invests in UV-C Disinfection Technology

During the recent pandemic, though many business sectors were unable to operate at full capacity, this was not the case for the pharmacy sector. In fact, many chemists and pharmacies faced an overwhelming demand, providing invaluable services - – not only dispensing pharmaceuticals but guiding the general public who have sought an alternative advisory service to using their GP.

Cadham Pharmacy in Glenrothes

The Cadham Pharmacy in Glenrothes, Scotland noticed an astounding increase in footfall which generated the need to invest in additional resources to keep staff and customers as safe as possible. This investment included the acquisition of an Evolve Raybotix NEO robot along with new Air Module, our new state-of-the-art air filtration system.

Bernadette Brown and her team at Cadham Pharmacy were doing all they could to keep staff and customers safe. When they heard about the Evolve Raybotix robots and their ability to reduce the time needed for cleaning, keeping the cost of replenishing chemicals down and minimising their use of unsustainable products - it was obvious that they had to bring the robot on board.

Says Bernadette, “A friend of mine is highly innovative and is an advocate for technology and robotics. She also owns an award-winning pharmacy, so once I knew that she also had the technology, it was an easy decision to employ the product. As the robots has been tried and tested by others in the healthcare sector; have been proven to protect staff and customers; and reduce operational costs – we felt this was a win-win scenario for our business

“We love the robot. My team and I have already named her “Mrs Sparkles”, and she always gets a lot of attention from customers when they visit Cadham Pharmacy, many asking how it impacts their visit and how is it keeping them safe - Which of course we're happy to explain to them, and show them our certification of disinfection, which the robots presents us after each disinfection.”

The Safest Place in Town

This has been a crucial piece of technology that has allowed Bernadette and her to team to open their clinics, and consultation rooms - offering the safest place in town to visit. It's significantly reduced the time needed at the end of the shift to clean down all surfaces and shaded areas, which her staff are really pleased about.

They also love having the option to offer certification to their more cautious visitors so that they feel safe in the space, knowing Mrs Sparkles has eradicated all bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

“The Air Module is fantastic too,” add Bernadette, “as it allows me to use the device continuously throughout the day, which reduces the risk of infection in the Pharmacy - making it a safer space for my staff and customers - I just wish we had heard about it sooner!”

Book A Demonstration

If you work in a community pharmacy or any other business and are looking for ways to disinfect and sanitise your premises easily and efficiently outside your working hours, then call a member of our team today to book a free demonstration on 0800 3688234 or email .

You can also read more about how Evolve Raybotix automated UV-C Robots are the perfect solution for the deep sanitisation of your pharmacy here.

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