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How Goose Island is Keeping Staff Safe in their Work Space

Keeping staff safe from the risk of infection in light of the Covid-19 pandemic has been top of the agenda for many employers across the UK. Though most employers are taking this responsibility very seriously, as reported in the Welsh press this week, employees at the DVLA in Swansea have gone on strike due to a dispute over Covid-related safety. Read more here.

One local company who is taking Covid safety very seriously is Goose Island, ladies fashion retailer and wholesaler who have a number of shops across South West Wales as well as huge warehouse in Llansamlet.

Goose Island During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Although Goose Islands boutique shops in Cowbridge, Mumbles and Llandeilo, have remained closed during the most recent lockdown, their online sales have soared to both wholesale customers as well as consumers who are increasingly buying fashion products from their website.

Staff at the Goose Island warehouse handle many packages from suppliers in Italy which are then shipped to their online and wholesale customers across the UK. They carry out quality control by checking garments and moving them from rail to rail, packing them up and loading up vans to take the orders to the delivery depot.

As a result of these activities, there are a lot of surfaces which are touched during a normal day by staff. So owner, Karen Hutchings, was delighted when she found out that she could get her warehouse completely disinfected and sanitised out of hours with one of our UV-C Disinfection robots.

Benefits of UV-C Robots in a Warehouse Environment

The main advantage for Karen and the team was not only the effectiveness of the robots which can kill up to 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria, but importantly, the robots can be pre-programmed to disinfect all surfaces at the end of the working day with no risk of material damage

Says Karen, “Evolve Raybotix makes me feel extremely confident in work... everything's safe around me and it's a really comfortable environment. What’s more, our customers will know that they're receiving something that's absolutely safe, clean and sanitized, giving them complete peace of mind in terms of the infection control measures we have put in place”.

She explained that staff working in the warehouse have a duty to take great care of garments and delicate materials so using an alternative ‘fogging’ style system would not be appropriate in this environment.

Karen also believes that by investing in an Evolve Raybotix robot, they don’t have to worry about cleaning and sanitising all the time. The process keeps staff safe and it’s also a safe environment for customers. Recipients of despatched stock will know that they are receiving something that is absolutely safe, clean and sanitised.

Working closely with Karen on managing online sales from the Goose Island warehouse is Marketing Executive Georgia Rose. Georgia told us that knowing all she has to do when she finishes work is to switch on the robot, activate it and everything will be sanitised, makes her feel more confident coming into the workplace.

Book a FREE Raybotix Robot Disinfection

If your priority is keeping your staff and customers safe whilst continuing with normal day to day operations, then an Evolve Raybotix robot could be the ideal solution for you.

For a little as £33 per week (that’s less than £5 per day), you can benefit from exceptional disinfection and sanitisation status without compromising your operating hours.

To find out more click here.

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