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Evolve Raybotix and JDK Cleaning

As the pandemic has evolved, it has presented a multitude of challenges that have affected individuals, businesses and countries in various ways. We are all learning new ways of working and socialising to comfortably live with the coronavirus. Whilst the country was in lockdown, businesses rapidly deployed working from home practices, integrated digital communication tools and explored how best to survive in turbulent times.

There is a strong will to return to normality whilst dealing with stringent regulations to maximise safety – so when Evolve Raybotix launched its range of UV-C disinfection robots, it was no surprise that it attracted the attention of those already offering cleaning solutions.

JDK Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Services

JDK Cleaning was introduced to the NEO robot in ILS2, Centre for Nanohealth in Swansea University – where Evolve Raybotix is based. The Raybotix team were keen to showcase the robot to a reputable, high profile cleaning company with whom they could potentially partner to mobilise the technology which has the ability to destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a few short minutes.

Jack Kelleher of JDK Cleaning said ‘When I was first introduced to the robots, I was sceptical about their efficacy and ease of use. The team at Raybotix demonstrated how accessible the interface was – swiftly programming the machine to disinfect the office space remotely via an ipad, whilst also sharing a detailed laboratory report which proved its ability to destroy harmful organisms.’

Jack has now added UV-C disinfection to his portfolio of services – offering an added level of sanitisation for those wanting to take special measures to maximise safety of their staff and customers.

UV-C Robots for Commercial Cleaning Services

MD of Evolve Raybotix Amin Farah said ‘The UV-C Disinfection Robots have attracted particular attention from businesses who work with vulnerable people or have a high footfall of visitors. Controlling the virus is harder where there are large numbers of people passing through a space and naturally, we are keen to protect those who are most at risk if they catch COVID.’

Business Development Executive for Evolve Raybotix, Stuart Davies said ‘working with an organisation like JDK Cleaning presents great opportunities for both parties. Jack’s clients have access to a unique and innovative piece of highly effective disinfection technology and Raybotix is able to get the product into the market via a well-established network of businesses.’

Evolve Raybotix is keen to speak to commercial cleaning and facilities management organisations who are looking to supplement their portfolio of services with UV-C Disinfection which destroys 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in spaces.

Read how UV-C robots are revolutionising the way commercial cleaning companies will be able to carry out deep sanitisation and disinfection services here or email

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