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Evolve Raybotix – Laying the Foundation for Safer Space

“A heightened level of concern around COVID19 is driving the market toward UVC disinfection robots, but what might initially appear to be a temporary bridge to cross the chasm, is actually laying the foundation for doing better for our people, places, and processes.”

This is the key message from an article on the AVA Robotics website which goes on to state that: “While not a new-fangled, emerging technology, the demand and mode of delivery for workplace UVC disinfection is rapidly evolving. Companies aren't just grabbing up corona-killing robots to show off their innovation budgets. They're investing in a solution that helps them get employees, customers, and clients back into their workplace.” Read more here.

In fact, corporate offices, warehouses, hotels, schools, retail locations, a wider range of healthcare facilities, so pretty much anywhere business is conducted, place new emphasis on health and safety solutions to benefit employees, customers, and clients. As stated in an article from the Washington Post, "virus-zapping robots are here to stay."

Keeping Spaces Safe

Swansea-based Evolve Raybotix launched UVC disinfection robots in the UK in 2020 in response to the increasing focus on keeping spaces safe.

We secured the licence to distribute UVC ozone disinfection robots from Autognity, an Italian firm of engineers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts, as soon as it released the robots in May 2020, having spent two solid months to get the product to market. Autognity delivers innovative solutions for the likes of Maserati and Ferrari, so quality is at the forefront of its work.

Our robots use UVC light supported by ozone gas for maximum sanitisation and peace of mind. They come in three sizes which enables application to a wide range of sectors and spaces; with the largest model able to operate completely remotely and autonomously based on technology which allows for thorough mapping and sanitisation of large areas without the need for an operator on site.

The Evolve Raybotix robots have been developed by engineers who are renowned for their attention to detail in creating artificial intelligence systems for high value vehicles. While they are sophisticated in their design and complex scientifically, the operating software is accessible and easy to use.

Quick and easy programming of the units either on site or remotely can be done in seconds – with the robot mapping the area to be disinfected and being left to run the cycle which takes between seven and 15 minutes. The robots use light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors to assess the surfaces in reach and determine the optimum position in the room. During the cycle, the LiDAR is on alert to sense any movement and if motion is detected, the cycle will automatically abort for complete safety.

The purpose of these robots is to minimise any risk associated with the presence of dangerous microorganisms. Regular disinfection using the UVC robot will keep the bioburden of any room, area, or space as low as can be, thereby maintaining a safe environment for visitors and staff. Bioburden is defined as the number of organisms including bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses on surfaces and in spaces.

Book a Free Demonstration Today

If keeping your staff, customers and visitors safe in your workspace is a top priority then you should call the team at Evolve Raybotix today to book a free demo. Alternatively, you can email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

01792 737618.

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