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Getting Sharks Swim & Triathlon Ready to Re-Open

As the UK begins to take steps to ease lockdown, the Government has announced that non-essential retail can re-open from 12 April providing the premises is COVID-secure. It is vital that shops follow the latest guidance and take any necessary steps to ensure they can trade safely and protect their staff and customers as they return to UK retail outlets.

There are a number of things retailers can do to be COVID-secure before reopening. Going through the Government guidance can be daunting, so The Retail Mutual has put together an article which holds key information on preparing your business for COVID-secure reopening.

One of the key points retailers need to bear in mind is how to ensure their spaces are as safe as possible for staff and customers alike through regular disinfection and sanitisation processes.

When Sharks Swim & Triathlon Met EOS

One Swansea-based retailer who is taking this approach to shop safety is the team at Sharks Swim & Triathlon. Sharks is a specialist provider of clothing and accessories for swimmers, triathletes and cyclists including wetsuits. During the pandemic, sisters Louise Snelgrove and Leah Morgan have continued to provide stock to people who have been exercising outdoors, including open water swimmers, from their online shop.

But with the provisional go-ahead to re-open on 12 April, they were keen to get their large shop premises in Gorseinon ready to re-open from day one.

Due to the nature of the products they sell, customers frequently touch and try on items from the shop. Under current rules, all items which have been handled then have to be disinfected and set aside for up to 48 hours.

With an Evolve Raybotix EOS robot, they can sanitise and disinfect their shop including all frequently touched points, by pre-programming the machine once the shop has closed. Also, as the robot can sanitise their space in 10 minutes, if they have had a busy influx of customers in the morning, they can shut the shop for a short period and a run a disinfection cycle ready for the next customers. This gives Louise and Leah the peace of mind they need to reassure their customers that their shop is safe.

The sisters also offer a wetsuit fitting service which they are very keen to start up again as, for anyone participating in outdoor water sports, it is essential that a wetsuit, normally the most expensive item they will purchase, fits correctly.

​Here’s what Louise said when we introduced her to our EOS robot at the Sharks Swim & Triathlon Shop:

Meet Your Ideal Evolve Raybotix Robot

We have three models of Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfection robots. You can read about these and how effective they can be in a retail setting here.

For a little as £33 per week (that’s less than £5 per day), you can benefit from exceptional disinfection and sanitisation status without compromising your operating hours.

If you would like us to introduce you to our NEO, EOS or SOL robot, then email us at

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