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Helping Facilities Management Companies to Welcome Back a Workforce Safely

The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) has recently released information entitled: COVID-19 guidance: returning to work - Supporting organisations and employees in returning to the workplace.

For businesses who are planning to welcome back their workforce immediately or on a gradual basis, there is a whole host of helpful information in these guidance notes to ‘build back better’ and create and manage a new generation of workplaces.

One important area covered in this information are five guiding principles for facilities management companies which explain that: “Workplace and facilities managers will need to prepare buildings ready for reoccupation within the limits set by social distancing imperatives and help their organisations adjust, at pace, to a new set of operating norms. This kind of change programme requires professional leadership and represents a great opportunity for FMs to demonstrate the added value they offer in bringing together the space, culture and technology aspects of workplace into a workplace strategy which can enable organisations and individuals to remain productive.” Read more here.

Planned Disinfection and Sanitisation

The IWFM also advises facilities managers that they will need to give careful consideration and plan the extent, scheduling and order of maintenance, cleaning and testing activities. And that’s where Evolve Raybotix comes in.

Our UV-C disinfection robots, supported by Ozone, can deliver a regular clean for peace of mind that your workspace has been sanitised, destroying up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. These robots, now classified as medical devices, can be automatically can be programmed to schedule a disinfection of a room or dedicated area either remotely or manually to allow for a cleaning process to suit your operational needs, either during working or non-work hours.

What’s more you can confidently brand each room with a ‘Raybotix Seal’ which gives a guarantee that the space has been fully sanitised.

Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfection Robots

An exciting addition to our product range are the Air Modules which have the ability to sanitise environments without having to vacate the space. This innovative addition allows the robots to work continuously – sanitising the air in a space and keeping the bioburden to a minimum.

To find out more about the Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfection robots, click here or you can call a member of our team on 0800 3688234

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