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Historic Social Club fights back with Cutting-edge UV-C Technology

The international pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on all businesses and has resulted in uncertainty and anxiety for many. Evolve Raybotix in Malta has a solution which serves to keep spaces safe and people protected in these uncertain times and the Entertainment Industry has welcomed it with open arms.

Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, Theatres and Casinos have an obligation to adhere to national guidelines – wearing masks, increasing space between employees and visitors, as well as maintaining a strict and rigorous cleansing regime to guarantee minimal spread of the virus. Casino Maltese has gone one step further – committing to a regular sanitisation routine with innovative UV-C and Ozone disinfection robotic technology from Evolve Raybotix.

Casino Maltese staircase
Casino Maltese are revolutionising their sanitisation routine by utilising UV-C and Ozone disinfection technology. by Photo Credit: Casino Maltese

UV-C Disinfecting Robots

Whilst the concept of UV-C as a disinfectant has been around for decades, these carefully crafted units have been designed by a team of engineers in Italy who provide solutions for brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. The Raybotix portfolio offers the perfect solution to swift and highly effective cleansing in companies of all size and sector.

Using a combination of UV-C light and Ozone to destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in spaces, the robots come in static, mobile or automated form – each with the ability to map an area to identify the optimum position for maximum sanitisation in a few short minutes. They are easily programmed, super quick and have recently been approved as Medical Devices – the first in the world to achieve this certification.

Making Spaces Safe

The regular use of the NEO robot to sanitise spaces has meant both staff and visitors feel more confident and comfortable returning to Casino Maltese. The team have displayed signage which alerts visitors to the fact that the premises have been disinfected using UV-C robots. The feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive with reports suggesting they have returned on the basis of the extra measures taken to make the space as safe as possible. It has been crucial for business continuity to do whatever they can to welcome valued guests to enjoy the experience as they did before COVID. Read more about the Neo Robot here

Jeremy Busuttil, Product Support Manager for Evolve Raybotix said Over the coming months we want to aid Malta’s recovery by incorporating our Raybots in Schools, Businesses, Offices, Clinics, Hotels, Restaurants, and more. We’d welcome the opportunity to demo the machine and encourage businesses to get in touch with us.’

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