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Llanelli Town AFC Team Up with Evolve Raybotix

As the 2021-2022 football season starts back, there are many reasons why clubs should be planning and preparing for the safe return of players, officials and fans. These plans, in addition to getting the facilities and pitch ready for the first game, should include strategies to sanitise and disinfect key areas such as changing rooms, hospitality spaces, restrooms and any other indoor facilities.

It is also recommended that all football team manager or directors should identify a Covid-19 officer who will be responsible for developing a Covid-19 plan and risk assessment prior to the restart of any activity to monitor how compliance is being observed within the club or facility.

Llanelli Town AFC & Evolve Raybotix

One local football team who has taken this responsibility to the next level is Llanelli Town AFC. Ahead of their cup tie against Newport County on 16 July, they invited the team from Evolve Raybotix to sanitise their space before the big game with our state-of-the-art UV-C disinfection Robots supported by Ozone.

Llanelli Town AFC were very keen to ensure that were doing everything they can to welcome back their fans and their players to the game and, as our robots are medical devices which can eliminate 99.9% of viruses, they offered the perfect sanitising solution for the club.

A number of rooms were disinfected before the game including the home and away players’ changing rooms. Following each disinfection, Evolve Raybotix provides a full report of the areas which had been sanitised as well as putting up stickers to show which rooms had undergone the process.

We also took this opportunity to sponsor the match in support of this local team.

The Chairman, Wayne Stephens, was so impressed with the speed and efficiency of our robots, that he is now planning to pass on details to other local organisations such as the Town Council who could also benefit from this service.

Commenting on the effectiveness of the NEO Robot, Wayne Stephens said, “At Llanelli Town AFC, we have put in place rigorous measures to enable us to meet government guidelines including disinfection processes to keep everyone safe. When we found out about the Evolve Raybotix robots, we knew we had the ideal solution for disinfecting and sanitising key areas at the club, including the changing rooms. We were delighted to be able to use this technology ahead of our match with Newport and we are now looking at a long term commitment to using UV-C robots at the club.”

Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfection Robots

If your football club or other sports facility is looking at ways to keep players, members and spectators safe, then call a member of the Evolve Raybotix team today on 0800 3688234 or email us at

These deep, disinfections can be achieved from just £35 a week (that's just £5 a day) in the safest, most efficient, effective and importantly chemical-free way.

You can also read more about our ground-breaking robots here.

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