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Malta Pharma Company takes on COVID with help of UV-C Technology

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Keeping industry moving during the pandemic is critical for the economy – nowhere more so than the pharmaceutical sector. With very few options to work from home when undertaking research and manufacturing/production roles, keeping spaces safe and fully operational for both staff and customers has been key for organisations such as Pharmacare Premium in Malta.

As a sector, pharma companies are familiar with adopting new and innovative technology to increase efficiencies so when Evolve Raybotix launched its UV-C Disinfection Robots in response to COVID, Pharmacare was keen to find out more.

UV-C Technology

Whilst the concept of UV-C as a disinfectant has a long established history in the clinical world, these carefully crafted units have been designed by a team of engineers in Italy who provide solutions for brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. The Raybotix portfolio offers the perfect solution to swift and highly effective cleansing in companies of all size and sector.

Using a combination of UV-C light and Ozone to destroy bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in spaces, the robots come in static, mobile or automated form – each with the ability to map an area to identify the optimum position for maximum sanitisation in a few short minutes. They’re easily programmed, super quick and have recently been approved as Medical Devices – the first in the world to achieve this certification.

Evolve Raybotix Neo Robot

The regular use of the NEO robot to sanitise offices, labs and communal spaces in the Maltese factory has contributed to minimal infection.

Head of Operations Thanasis Kyriakidis said ‘We had one positive COVID case at the start of October and through effective risk management and the addition of the Raybotix NEO machine, there have been no cases reported since and no evidence of additional spread. We have several members of staff who were already anxious about returning to work, or working through the pandemic, and Raybotix has certainly supported us in reassuring our most valued asset that the space is being made as safe as possible so we can continue to operate in the new ‘normal’.’

Jeremy Busuttil, Product Support Manager for Evolve Raybotix said ‘Over the coming months we want to aid Malta’s recovery by incorporating our Raybots in Schools, Businesses, Offices, Pharmacies, Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Hotels, Restaurants, and more. We’d welcome the opportunity to showcase our machines and encourage businesses to get in touch with us.’

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