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Mitigating Risk with Evolve Raybotix UV-C Robots

The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has released an article giving advice on systems used to disinfect premises during the pandemic. It explains the legal requirements and provides the latest information, including joint advice from public health bodies on risks to health that can be created by using walk-through spraying or misting systems. See full article here.

Interestingly, this guidance includes references to UV-C disinfection processes including the potential risks. The article states that: “Compared to disinfectants applied as a fog, mist or vapour, UV treatment of surface normally leaves no chemical residue behind. However, UV may present a risk for injury to unprotected skin and eyes if operators do not take necessary precautions.

“In very small spaces, such as small sanitary areas, some UV treatments may not be suitable if the units need to be placed at a minimum distance from walls etc to be deployed safely.

“Some sources of UV light can only destroy micro-organisms where the light can fall on surfaces for a sufficient time ….”

Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfecting Robots

We understand that it is important for the HSE to identify the potential risks involved in all disinfection systems.. We can confirm that the risks identified above were all taken into account during the development of the Evolve Raybtoix UV-C Disinfecting robots, which are now classified as a medical device.

These cutting-edge robots use UV-C light supported by Ozone gas to destroy microorganisms’ DNA structures, quickly and safely eradicating harmful bacteria and viruses in an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way.

Our Raybotix robots can be programmed remotely to schedule a disinfection of a room or dedicated area, so mitigating any risk of injury to the operator. What’s more, one of the key safety measures associated with our Raybotix robots, is the inbuilt, automatic detections system which ensures that the unit stops automatically if the sensor identifies any form of motion in the room.

We have three different models of robots which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of varying environments according to size and operational needs. Our portable NEO robot is able to clean the smallest spaces, covering an area span of 25m2.

Importantly, through the use of Lidar sensors, our Raybotix robots will map a surrounding area before the disinfection cycle begins which allows for the pinpointing of optimum positioning of the machine to destroy 99.9% of dangerous bacteria, microorganisms, germs and pathogens.

Contact Evolve Raybotix

If minimising risk and instilling public confidence is high on your agenda to reduce the spread of viruses, then an Evolve Raybotix robot is the solution.

Prices for these robots start from as little at just £33 a week (so less than £5 per day).

To find out more, call a member of our team today on 01792 737618 or email to book a FREE demonstration.

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