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New Report from Brunel University Proves UV-C Light Destroys COVID-19

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

A new report published by Brunel University in conjunction with Space Republic, a workspace provider that converts empty retail spaces into workspaces for businesses embracing flexible working practices, has proven that UV-C light is effective at destroying COVID-19.

This scientific breakthrough has wide-reaching implications and confirms our long-held conviction that UV-C light can be used to safeguard the health and wellbeing of people in public spaces, from hospitals to public transport and schools.

In this article, we will explore what the science tells us and get insight from Jeremy Busuttil, our Product Support Manager. Keep reading to learn more about the report and our UV-C technology.

UV-C light destroys COVID-19 at genetic level

The study revealed that a new detection technique was used to demonstrate that UV-C light destroys COVID-19 at the genetic level. This means UV-C light doesn’t only deactivate the virus, but it destroys the virus from within its very genome, in other words; it’s DNA/RNA.

The new, more accurate detection technique developed by Professor Michael Themis at Brunel University measures the destruction of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, on surfaces.

The testing was carried out on Pluto Pods, workspaces designed to be safe to use for businesses concerned about COVID-19 and other pathogens, such as the common cold and winter flu.

Research in the USA had previously shown that forms of UV-C light, known as FAR-UV light, can reduce the spread of airborne COVID-19 particles and can be safe for people to be around when it is operated by intelligent machines which ensure this. Our technology uses the same UVC Technology at a similar wavelength used in this study, and we have developed our own innovative technology, the AIR MODULE, which is safe to use around people, pets and plants.

Ask the expert: Q&A with Jeremy

Jeremy is an experienced microbiologist responsible for laboratory testing and rigorous evaluations to validate the efficacy of our UV-C technology in destroying harmful pathogens, such as COVID-19.

1. What does the discovery by Brunel University and Space Republic mean?

The discovery means that, for the first time, there is direct conclusive proof that UV-C light is capable of destroying the COVID-19 virus.

Our studies had shown this through a theoretical indirect hypothesis. This study confirms our theories.

2. Does Evolve Raybotix technology destroy COVID-19?

Our robots use UV-C light at a similar wavelength as the one used in this study, so yes, all our robots can destroy COVID-19 in theory.

3. How can UV-C light disinfection technology help make spaces safer during the pandemic?

UV-C light, when used by a machine or robot operated by artificial intelligence, ensures this technology is applied effectively, thoroughly, consistently, autonomously and most importantly, in a safe manner to the user. Additionally, our robots – NEO, EOS, SOL and the AIR MODULE - do not require any maintenance, do not generate or leave any residues, are environmentally safe and do not use toxic or hazardous chemicals. This is unlike regular cleaning techniques, such as fumigation and products, such as bleach.

Meet the AIR Module

As mentioned, the AIR MODULE means people, plants and pets can be in the room at the same time as a UV-C disinfection cycle is in progress, without any safety concerns whatsoever.

The AIR MODULE means no downtime for your organisation, as spaces don’t have to be cleared when it is in operation. It can also act as a visual clue that disinfection is being carried out in the environment, helping businesses’ and institutions’ customers feel safe, whether they are hospital patients, shoppers, or travellers on public and private transport.

Using our new state of the art air disinfection system the AIR MODULE ensures:

· Effective eradication of viruses and bacteria

· Continuous sanitisation of surrounding air

· Efficient use even in the presence of air conditioners

Want to learn more?

If you still have some questions and would like to learn more about how our UV-C disinfection robots can help your business or institution keep its spaces safe, get in touch with us today.

You can phone us on 0800 3688234 or fill in our enquiry form detailing which robot you’re interested in, as well as being free to leave your contact details, so we can respond using your preferred method of contact, to make your enquiry totally seamless.

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