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Scientific Research Article Backs UV-C Technology in the Fight Against Covid-19

An article published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology in November 2020, stated that “UV LED with peak emission at ~286 nm could serve as an effective tool in the fight against human Coronaviruses.”

The article goes on to show how UV irradiation is a common method for inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms, including viruses. It explains that “Inactivation by UV could occur via several mechanisms, among them damage to nucleic acids, proteins, or internal production of oxygen radicals. The mechanism of UV inactivation depends on the UV wavelength(s) used, and, at least for some pathogens, UV sources with multiple emission peaks (e.g. medium pressure lamps) were found to result in more effective inactivation, by activating multiple damage mechanisms.” Read full technical information here.

Evolve Raybotix UV-C Robots

These research results endorse the technology used in the Evolve Raybotix disinfecting robots which use UV-C light supported by Ozone gas for maximum sanitisation impact. With a new strain of Covid-19 manifesting in many different countries across the world, including the UK, there is mounting pressure on all industries to maintain high levels of cleanliness to minimise the spread of the virus.

Our robots come in three sizes which enables application to a wide range of sectors and spaces – with the largest model being able to operate completely remotely and autonomously based on technology which allows for thorough mapping and sanitisation of large areas without the need for an operator on site.

Revolutionising the Way We Disinfect

To find out more about how the Evolve Raybotix robots can help your business to get back up and running once restrictions have been lifted, check out this step-by-step guide entitled ‘How UV Robots Are Revolutionising The Way We Disinfect’ here.

For more details about how we can help you to fight the coronavirus in your commercial setting, you can email

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