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Why People Feel Safer with UV-C Light Disinfection

A recent report in Trade Arabia magazine reported that over 200 Americans thought all public places should be disinfected with UV-C in a recent survey relating to concerns over surface transmission of Covid-19.

In addition, 82.5% of respondents stated that they would feel completely safe staying in a hotel room which had been cleaned using UV-C light. And 75% said that schools and universities, hotels and hospitals should be treated with UV-C light to stop the spread of infection whilst restaurants, libraries, gym, supermarkets, department stores and airports were selected by 60% of respondents for this type of sanitisation.

Read the full article here.

How UK Businesses are Embracing UV-C Technology

Interestingly, in the UK, as lockdown measures start to ease, many businesses are looking at ways to instil confidence in their customers by reassuring them that their spaces are safe to visit and enjoy.

At Evolve Raybotix, we are working with a number of industries who are keen to welcome people back into their premises and who are taking action now to gain a competitive edge by demonstrating the measures they have in place for disinfecting and sanitising strategies. These include shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, salons, gyms, solicitors, accountants and any other business who simply can’t wait to re-open for customers or clients safely and are opting for our disinfecting robots to help them to do so.

One of the reasons why our UV-C Disinfection robots supported by Ozone gas are so popular among these industries is because they are classified as trusted medical devices. Our robots also destroy microorganisms’ DNA structures, quickly and safely eradicating 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way.

Importantly, through our experience of working with a cross section of industries, we understand the key motivators that businesses need to consider when it comes to a re-opening disinfection and sanitisation strategy. These include:

  • Controlling the spread of viruses;

  • Demonstrating that your premises has been regularly disinfected; and

  • Implementing safe and sustainable sanitisation processes.

Evolve Raybotix UV-C Robots

You can read more about our robots and their capabilitiesn here.

Prices for the Evolve Raybotix UV-C robots start from as little as £33 per week (that’s less than £5 per day). To find out more, you can call us on the number below or email

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