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 Help prevent and reduce the spread of infections and viruses in 

 wedding venues with automated 

 Evolve Raybotix disinfection.


Weddings Once Covid-19 Restrictions Are Lifted

It’s an event that many spend years saving for and planning - the focal point of a multi million pound industry and its another of the many industries that have been adversely affected by COVID-19.    Weddings and special celebrations have been put on hold during the pandemic, and those who have cancelled or postponed their nuptials are left wondering how their special day may look in the future. 

Some wedding venues have already adapted to a ‘new normal’ by introducing online tours or Zoom meetings with family to help plan a wedding already booked for later in 2021 or in 2022.

When wedding venues were able to host small weddings last year, many put in additional and necessary cleaning measures. These included making hand sanitiser available throughout the day; ensuring waiting staff sanitised their hands regularly and changed to fresh gloves between each course or each task carried out; and the wearing of protective masks by all staff.

Inevitably, wedding venues will now be looking at ways to ensure their premises are completely safe spaces for bridal parties, guests, staff and other suppliers.  Their aim is to build confidence among their customers by showing that their venue has been thoroughly cleaned and deeply sanitised before and after each wedding to prevent the unnecessary spread of viruses, like coronavirus.

That’s where our UV-C disinfection robots come in.


Scheduling & tasking

Personalise your disinfection schedule and tasks with ease.

During non-working hours, the robots will automatically set to charge.

Disinfection in 10 - 15 minutes


Destroys 99.9% of germs & pathogens in all environments & across all surfaces.

As disinfection is chemical free, there's no need to wait for  disinfection agents to settle.


Autonomous or Manual Control

Remotely or manually operate the robots.

Task the robot manually or remotely to clean immediately, or schedule cleaning for a later time.

Notifications & cleaning reports


Receive notifications and reports before and after scheduled cleaning.

Keep an up to date disinfection record and monitor disinfection outcomes.


Why UV-C Robots are Ideal for Wedding Venues

Evolve Raybotix is the only UK supplier of UV-C disinfection robots which are now classified as a ‘medical device’. These cutting-edge robots use UV-C light supported by Ozone gas to destroy microorganisms’ DNA structures, quickly and safely eradicating 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in an environmentally friendly and chemical-free way.

Our robots can be programmed to schedule a disinfection of rooms and dedicated areas either remotely or manually to allow for a cleaning process after each wedding, with signs to indicate that a safe sanitisation has been carried out.

Raybotix robots use 3D scanning and a 360-degree LiDAR sensor to calculates the precise dose of UV-C radiation required in a specific room or area, and the disinfection time needed, to ensure a consistent and thorough disinfection of the required space. In fact, the smallest of our robots, the NEO, can clean a 25 square metre room in less than 6 minutes. 

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The Oldwalls Collection

One of the first wedding venues in South West Wales to book a free demonstration of one of our robots was the Oldwalls Collection in Gower.  We were introduced to the team at Oldwalls by their commercial cleaning company JDK Cleaning

We carried out a complete demonstration using our NEO robot in their reception, bar and main restaurant area. The Oldwalls team, as well as the commercial cleaning team, were very impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the robots and how easy it was to programme the clean of each room.


Evolve Raybotix Instilling Confidence in Your Customers

Many wedding venues are looking at ways to keep up with high levels of cleaning standards set out by public health organisations in order to keep operating.  If you’re a wedding venue owner interested in an effective solution to disinfecting your rooms, bars and other facilities, then you can read more about the Evolve Raybotix robots here

Evolve Raybotix UV-C Disinfection robots are available to purchase with full training provided to your teams.  Alternatively, Evolve Raybotix can provide a regular ‘disinfection’ service for individual bar and restaurant areas, celebration rooms or other social spaces according to your needs.  

If minimising risk and instilling public confidence in your wedding venue is high on your agenda to reduce the spread of viruses, then a Raybotix robot is the solution. 

We are also offering businesses a leasing option which means you can get your commercial premises disinfected and sanitised every day for less than £35 per week (that’s just £5 a day to make your space 99.9% bacteria and virus free)!

To book your first demonstration and FREE 3-minute disinfection, please call us on 01792 737618 or email  Alternatively, you can request a call back below and a member of our team with get back to you within 24 hours.


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